Apple Reminders has stopped Reminding me (and some iCloud woes)

I’m trying not to add to the pile of people reporting iOS 13 bugs but I’ve got one that’s stopping me using stock apps. I’ve gone all in with Reminders but I’ve found it’s not consistently sending me notifications.

I’ll notice that I should have been reminded when I check the app and I have overdue items but the app didn’t tell me at the time.

I have no idea why it’s doing this but I’ve lost trust in it’s reliability.

I’ve also noticed that Reminders I have completed or deleted on my iMac don’t follow though completely to my iOS devices. This has me more worried about Reminders iCloud reliability. As someone still waiting for an update on my Apple Notes sync issues I currently have zero faith it’ll get resolved if I run into more sync issues.

Apple just don’t seem to have the staff they can dedicate to their core apps.


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