AirPods Pro vs Bose Noise Cancelling 700

I’ve now owned both of these headphones I feel a little qualified to discuss my thoughts on both. I’d wanted a pair of noise cancelling headphones for a while and finally picked up the Bose, which seemed to be the best. They are expensive at over £300 but it was worth it for me.

I was impressed by the balanced sound, not too much bass and a really enjoyable listening experience.

The noise cancelling was superb and I used it pretty much every time I had them on. They didn’t do a great job with voices but for background noise like fans they were great.

My issue was wearing over the ear headphones for me isn’t convenient and they seemed to be best for in the office or when travelling. That’s a lot of money for a pair you aren’t going to wear a lot. I ultimately ended up returning them.

Then came AirPods Pro.

I’m already more sold on them than I were the Bose. They sound great, maybe not as good as the Bose overall but there isn’t a lot in it. Remember this is down to personal taste so test them out. They handle all sorts of music like the Bose did though but again try them out.

Now when it comes to noise cancelling they are on pretty much on par. They both do a similar job with fan noise etc but the AirPods Pro seem to do better at cancelling out traffic and voices to my ears. This includes the TV. I can genuinely wear them with music and have no idea what is going on sound wise on the TV in the room I’m sat in. I don’t recommend this all the time but if you have noise cancelling enabled and go for a walk then you’ll see what I’ll be like to like in an electric car future.

I didn’t travel with the Bose so can’t validate plane noise but I suspect AirPods Pro will do a pretty similar job at cancelling out engine noise.

The main plus is they fit into my lifestyle more. I wear them almost all day and are comfortable. Whether I’m sat down or in bed on pillows they stay in fine and I forget I’m using them.

They are also £100 cheaper than the Bose, which isn’t insignificant.


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