Should you upgrade to watchOS 6.1 on the Apple Watch Series 2?

My Apple Watch Series 2 continues to keep working and I was reluctant to upgrade watchOS based on how well watchOS 5 was doing. After a full day of testing I’m happy to report that watchOS 6 running on the series 2 is fine. I’ve found it to be no more laggy than watchOS 5 and the battery to be pretty much the same. I’m over 24 hours without a charge and I’m still at 24% left.

Where I’m getting a little frustrated is lag in tapping and something happening but this isn’t a watchOS 6 thing, it’s a series 2 thing. Given I don’t wear my watch all of the time these days I’m not in a place where I can justify an upgrade but the performance of the series 2 is making me think it won’t get watchOS 7. If you’re like me then hold off until it no longer supports the latest version of watchOS.


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