iPhone 11 Pro Home screen

I’m a bit all over the place with my productivity at the moment so this month it’s a bit in flux but wanted to stay on schedule and share. My main app struggle has been finding something with a widget that allows me to easily see the next few days. I did use Eventail but it’s broken in iOS 13 so I needed to switch. I’ve settled on Google Calendar. It’s a nice looking app and the widget easily allows me to see what’s coming up in the next few days. I trust Google more than a lot of other third party apps so I’m fine integrating my iCloud calendar with it.

On to do’s well I’m still struggling. I like Reminders but find the app behaviour a little frustrating. I’m currently testing out Things 3 and Todoist but feel like I’m leaning towards Things 3. I’ve already paid for the app rather than having a monthly subscription, sync is rock solid and I like the calendar integration.

Another new addition is Google Maps as a backup as I’ve had a few issues with Apple maps recently.

Let’s see what sticks this month and I’ll continue to post these monthly.

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