The best iPhone 11 Pro clear case

I’ve been testing a few different clear cases now Apple have their own and have decided on which is the best clear case if you’re on an iPhone 11 Pro.

In my opinion the best clear case for the iPhone 11 Pro is the Otterbox Clearly Protected.

It’s made of a more rubbery TPU than the official Apple one and is much more grippy. It’s also £14.99 (the price I paid) over the £40+ of the the Apple one.

It also protects the bottom whereas the Apple one doesn’t.

In comparison to other TPU style cases I found this one to be less bulky and seemed to show less air gaps. As with any other case of this sort though it will show any debris that gets in between the case and the phone so you’ll be taking it off periodically to get rid of this.

One advantage of this though is you can put stickers and customise it as you want, creating your own case in a way. I’m on the hunt for a nice R2-D2 for mine.

On the whole this and the apple leather case are my favourites on the iPhone 11 Pro so far.


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