A change of focus (taking a step back)

I’m feeling a little burned out by technology at the moment and I’m having a bit of a rethink about where I put my creative energy. Now the iPhone has such a great camera for video I’m debating changing my focus to video, maybe going back to the days of music related content. I don’t pick up my guitar much these days and having an outlet to help me relax is going to be pretty significant to me at the moment I think. This is a little bit of a ramble but it’s really here to let you know that the blog (and me) may be a little quiet while I figure this all out.

Writing about technology has given me a good outlet for my thoughts but working in the software industry for 7.5 hours a day then sitting back down and writing some more at the iPad in the evening isn’t great for my wellbeing. Given that I don’t make anything from this I need to refocus and think about where I want to put my energy.

I’ve also pretty much stopped trying to keep track of any sort of to do list app and this also comes back to me doing a bit of a refocus. Technology has served me well and helps me know what I have on day to day but for me at least it’s been a double edged sword. I need to take a step back with pen and paper and get some perspective about each element of my life and do some brain dumping. Whether this will end up in an app who knows but a paper journal has actually been pretty nice to get away from technology for a bit.

So that’s my ramble, I’ll keep everyone updated on where I am but for now I’m going to be stepping back a little and trying to figure this out.

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