Should you buy Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5?

I used a series 4 for close to a year and then a series 5 for almost a week so have some thoughts on if you should upgrade or choose the series 4 or 5 if you’re new.

Coming from a series 2 the series 4 was a big step up in performance and screen size, the daily use of it was genuinely better in my opinion.

I sold my series 4 (partly to take a step back from Apple Watch, more on this in a later post) and thought I’d pick up a series 5 to see if the always on display could tempt me back to wearing it full time.

Well in the week I had it I have to say that the always on display, whilst being a nice to have isn’t essential. I found that I’d move my wrist 90% of the time anyway to check the time so the screen would come on as usual.

The performance of the series 5 is on par with the series 4, no faster.

The battery was terrible for me last week getting way less than I have out of any other Apple Watch I’ve owned. I know this has been a mixed experience so I’m not saying it’s bad for everyone but for me I couldn’t get past 5pm.

So on the whole (for me) the always on display isn’t worth the upgrade. If you have a series 4 then wait for series 6. If you’re new to Apple Watch I’d be tempted to look at a used series 4 and save some cash.

I would also recommend sticking to the aluminium version as the resale value on any other model is atrocious.

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