Otterbox Clearly Protected Case for iPhone 11 Pro review

I’ve returned every case I’ve tested so far but on a whim popped into a superstore and picked up an Otterbox for my iPhone 11 Pro. At £14.99 I thought it was reasonable and I could use it when I’m out and about. (And out of reach of an Apple Store should the worst happen).

It’s a TPU plastic case that is pretty minimal and adds a nice grip to the phone. The downside however is that it does get a bit greasy and shows fingerprints.

All ports are accessible but one downside is that the volume buttons and sleep/wake are a little stiff to press.

If having dust under your case is going to be annoying avoid this case.

Overall if you’re looking for something to use now and again rather than all the time then this case is worth a look, personally I hate the way it looks but can appreciate the protection it offers. I’ll most probably use it when I’m out on day trips or away on holiday.


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