Google Pixel 4 hands on

I was out and about at the Mall and to my surprise a store had the Pixel 4 out and on display. I immediately went over to it and had some quick hands on time, didn’t buy one (keeping my fingers crossed for a review unit… I can dream I guess).

The first thing that was immediately impressive was the display. Bright and vibrant and the high refresh rate meant it was very responsive. After using a screen like this on the iPad Pro for so long I’m really hoping Apple bring it over to the iPhone soon.

The next thing I noticed that I enjoyed was the feel in hand, it’s very close to how the iPhone 11 Pro feels. I tried the white, which has a matte back and textured sides. I really like the design and colour contrast of the black sides against a coloured back. I’d get orange if I could afford to get one as a test phone.

General use of the phone was snappy and Android is getting better with every release I’ve used. I still prefer the home screen options on Android over iOS and really hope we get widgets on the home screen of iOS 14. Being able to quickly see important information is something that keeps me looking over to Android.

There are some key elements I couldn’t test however.

Face unlock isn’t something I could set up and test unfortunately. I really want to dig into this versus how Apple implemented FaceID. As you know I’m not the biggest fan of face unlock so I’d love to have one to test for a few weeks to really learn how it works and stacks up against Apple.

Then the most important thing for me I couldn’t test, the camera. Unfortunately as with most demo phones it was attached to a stand. All I could take a picture of was the back of the stand, no point in testing. This is another place I’d love to put it through it’s paces, especially in low light conditions. I loved the image quality of the Pixel 3a when I had one to test. If I got a Pixel 4 I’d be texting zoom and night sky stuff vs iPhone 11 Pro, I think it would make for interesting reading.

So I couldn’t give it a full hands on given the above restrictions but in my quick hands on I was impressed with the parts I could play with. Watch this space to see if can get one in.

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