Ways I’m cutting back on social media

I’ve fallen back into having social apps like Twitter and Reddit back on my iOS devices and it’s been a real time waster. I’ve looked at having screen time turned on but it does nothing for me when I can just ignore limits. I wanted to end the mindless habit of opening the app and scrolling.

So to reduce this and get some energy back to create stuff and be more present I’ve taken the apps of all of my iOS devices.

I’ve given up on Reddit and YouTube completely (I can’t take anymore “I wasted £1000 at store X”, evil pranks or facepalm thumbnails that provoke platform wars) and with Twitter I’ve bookmarked in iOS Safari and aim to only check it for notifications maybe a few times a week.

I’m not really worried about missing out on stuff, for me it’s one more thing to think about when I’m not getting the same value out of the service I did say 4 years ago. It’s become somewhere I only check now out of habit, I don’t go anywhere near reading threads these days as they are mostly toxic – especially if like me you love Star Wars. Just checking it during the Pixel 4 keynote (which I enjoyed BTW) I saw certain pundits feeling the need to negatively comment on pretty much every announcement, I don’t need this (yes he is now unfollowed).

Thankfully I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts years ago.

Any tips for cutting back on social media you can share?

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