Notability setup

My problems with iOS 13 iCloud sync is well known now if you’re reading my blog but I haven’t really shared what I’m doing about it. I’ve used a few different third party Notes apps in my time with an iPhone but the one I’ve landed on is Notability.

I’m using it for everything.

This is a work in progress but at the moment I’m using dividers and subjects to spit out my content. You can see my dividers above.

You can then see above how I split the divider up into subjects based on context. So for example I have a watches subject that contains all of my notes about watches like a wish list and interesting articles I’ve saved.

For now I’m using the app to store everything I would in Notes such as important documents I need to reference, handwritten notes using Pencil and just those day to day ones I like to make.

I’ve got it using iCloud sync and it’s working flawlessly.

What third party notes app do you use?


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