iPhone 11 Pro Apple Silicone Case review

I’ve always picked up the white silicone case, the red reminded me why – it’s a lint magnet.

Let’s put the lint aside for a moment. Personally I like the red with midnight green combination but ultimately I sent it back and opted for a black leather case.

The texture on the silicone isn’t my favourite, especially when it wears but it does add a texture that grips to most surfaces.

So if you’re looking for a case with a lot of grip that doesn’t add a lot of bulk this may be for you.

There are two major drawbacks though.

First is the amount of fluff and debris that these cases pick up in day to day use. Even just in and out of my pocket it’s a case I’m having to constantly brush off.

Second drawback for me is durability. This was too new to test but in the past the bottom exposed section of the case tends to wear away at the edges leaving the plastic showing underneath.

My advice on the official Apple silicone case is to pick up a third party one at a third of the price. You really are paying for the Apple logo for this one. With the leather cases I feel the quality and finish justify some of the cost but with the silicone I just don’t see their worth.

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