PSNOW review

PlayStation appear to be marketing PSNOW a bit stronger recently so I signed up for a week trial but ultimately decided not to keep it, here’s why.

Game selection

Whilst the library has grown I just didn’t see enough depth to justify a subscription. There are some absolute classics like the Uncharted series and God of War but I just didn’t see enough titles that would keep me hooked. I had fun with some games I wouldn’t have picked up new like WWE or Dirt 4 but I used the service like a way to demo a game rather than play. I’ll give it 6 months and test again on this front to see if the game catalogue has improved.

Steaming quality

This very much depended on the type of game. I have fairly good broadband at around 60 down and 30 up and the test showed it was compatible with the service. On playing slower games it was fine but I noticed a significant drop in quality if I needed quick reactions or it was something with high end graphics. Uncharted 4, one of my favourite games of all time looked blocky at times and took me away from the immersive game it is when played in full resolution.

Value for money

At £50 a year, the price of one game I think if offers a good value for money if you have an amazing broadband setup and are ok with the catalogue. For me I’ll carry on buying my games in physical form as I don’t think I’d enjoy it long term with my broadband speed.

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