Missing an always on Apple Watch display

Now I’ve started to wear traditional watches again when I do go back to the Apple Watch I’m finding it even more frustrating that the display isn’t always on. The weird thing though is that when I wore my Apple Watch full time I never missed it, I was used to raising my wrist (when it worked) or tapping the screen.

My most used watch over the last few months is the classic F-91w, but I’m looking over at the always on display with some envy. The thing I miss from my Apple Watch when I’m not wearing it isn’t the fitness stuff but the ability to see my next appointments and reminders. I’m terribly forgetful (I’m reminded of this daily by those around me…) and when I don’t have this easily accessible it introduces a level of anxiety for me.

I’m on a series 4 stainless steel that Apple will give me £80 for on trade in! That’s taking the Mikey but I’m sorely tempted to sell it privately and upgrade.

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