Is the iPhone 11 Pro slippery?

This is a question I had as soon as I saw the new matte glass finish and now I’ve been using it without a case I feel that I can comment.

Th matte texture definitely feels more high end than a straight glass back but it’s less tacky. If you hold the iPhone XS in your hand and balance it I found it wouldn’t slide off the palm of you’d hand thanks to some errr “hand sweat”… the matte finish of the 11 Pro slips straight off. So in hand it is more slippery.

This changes a little if you have space grey or midnight green. The sides are colour coated and this adds a tackiness that the silver model doesn’t have. The sides feel like the old jet black iPhone 7.

It’s a different story though when it comes to how it sits on objects such as a sofa arm. My XS would slide off my sofa even when on the fairly straight arm. The 11 Pro sits there fine. This is same if I’m balancing it on my trouser leg, the texture seems to help it stay where you put it.

For me I think I prefer the in hand feel of the XS but the look of the 11 Pro. I’ve ordered a red silicone case to use when I’m out and about in places I think I’ll be more likely to drop it but generally I think I’m back to no case.

How do you find it?

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