Using Evernote for blogging

I’ve had a bit of a loss of confidence in iCloud recently, yes it’s been beta but even now on the official iOS 13 I’m losing data. I need to call Apple this week to resolve but in the meantime I switched over to Evernote and already seeing how it might work out better for me.

I tend to dump writing ideas as I think of them. I don’t have a to do list of posts I’d like to write but a series of half written posts that I’m keeping in Evernote. As I think of an idea I start to write it down, even if it’s simply a title.

Within here I have my posts.

I’ve got a ‘writing’ notebook that contains all of my ideas and published posts. This seems to be working well for me so far.

Couple of niggles or things to work out.

  1. Sharing directly to WordPress?
  2. Can I change the default fonts?

If you happen to know any of these two please let me know πŸ˜€

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