Using an iPhone SE in 2019

Whilst waiting to get a new iPhone I sold my XS and went back to a 16GB SE.

I thought I would interesting to share my thoughts on using one in 2019.

First off the positives that I’ve found using it:

  • Size and weight, it’s been nice to forget I am carrying a phone in my pocket
  • No camera bump, sits flat on the table and doesn’t move around if I’m typing on the desk
  • Headphone jack, I haven’t been one of those people constantly reminding it’s readers that Apple removed the headphone jack but it has been nice to use my BOSE in ears whilst the phone was charging
  • Less distracting, smaller keyboard and screen had me using it less so I’ve been less engaged in social media but it has meant less posts to the blog
  • TouchID, I haven’t been quiet on my love for TouchID as you know if you’ve read my stuff for a while


  • Rounded buttons for volume up and down I’m finding are uncomfortable compared to the ones on the X series
  • Screen size and keyboard, as I mentioned above it has it’s pluses and minuses so less distracting but hard to type on
  • 16GB has been a pain, the one I have is the base model and I’m constantly running into space issues, to the point that iCloud Photo Library no longer sync’s back to the SE

So a few days left and I’ll be glad to get back to a larger phone but have to admit that I’ll miss the smaller form factor of the SE.

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