Which colour iPhone 11 Pro should you order?

With a new iPhone comes the impending anxiety about which colour to order. This year we get a new midnight green that in images for me looks to be one I’ll be ordering.

I think with the new three camera lens setup looking a little weird this year it’s best to go space grey or green to hide as much as possible.

I’d usually suggest silver but the lenses really stand out and for me and looks pretty ugly.

The only downside I see of the green or space grey is the coating on the sides. If you drop a coated coloured one it’ll rub off and expose the silver stainless steel underneath.

With my silver XS I loved the way the stainless steel wore over time but I’m not sure I can take the brighter white we have this year. I know I don’t see the back often but I’m still not a huge fan of the look of the lenses.

My advice this year is that if you aren’t bothered about the look of the lenses go silver or gold. If you are bothered then go space grey or green.


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