Learning how to use Twitter again (for me)

So as you know I’ve been off Twitter since the end of August and now I’m 3 weeks in I’ve come to terms with how I’ve been using it and how to use it going forward.

I’ve logged back in to check iPhone 11 news for a story and realised that how I’m using it now compared to before changed. I’m no longer feeling like I need to pull to refresh every five minutes but instead I fire up the official app (ordered by top tweets). I scroll a little, maybe reply to a few and check my notifications to see if I’ve had any comments on my writing. I’m maybe doing this a couple of times a day.

I’ve switched from getting my news there to using RSS (I’m using Reeder 4) and found that I’m ok not knowing news when it’s happening but on my schedule.

I’m also glad to be part of a few slack communities that help me communicate with the fellow creatives that I have met via Twitter.

I think I’ve finally come to terms with how I’m using social media.

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