iPhone XS leather case patina and having a case personal to you

I’ve been using the leather case on and off for a good few months now and it’s really starting to look like mine. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with cases since the introduction of the slippery iPhone 6 and have always disliked the way they made my iPhone look. They also sometimes hindered operation in having hard to push buttons etc.

Well even after my strong opinion on using them my saddle brown case has become my go to and has patina’d really nicely and is unique to me.

I sped up the process early on with putting oil on it and sanding the slippery finish off, I also put it through a washing machine cycle. Since then it’s taken on some more colour and shows signs of banging up against keys, me picking at it and drops.

If you’re ok with leather then picking up an official Apple case should be the default case you get when you get a new iPhone.

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