Looking back at the Original iPhone

I put some charge into my old Apple collection yesterday and was struck with how much of it still charges and works. Here’s my original iPhone, damage and all.

It looks beautiful to me with dings and scrapes and if I could somehow get my sim in it I’d use it for a few days as a test.

The design is iconic at this point and I still miss the smaller rounder form factor.

I had to dig around for the old cable and once I found it and put some charge into it I was pleasantly surprised that it worked fine.

I’m even a fan of the two tone look with the plastic at the bottom to help with antennas.

I’ll need to see if I can get it booted up past this screen in iTunes and try to run it on WiFi next. As you can see the silver band makes a comeback in the iPhone XS silver model and I still think it’s a classy look.

The screen picked up a bit of damage along the way, cracked in the lower left but doesn’t have an impact on the home button.

Should I try to get it past the iTunes logo?

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