What does Spider-Man leaving the MCU mean for the Avengers going forward?


I’m a huge Spider-Man fan and the recent reports of him being taken away from Marvel Studios has me thinking about the plans Disney now need to make to correct some of the course they were potentially on.

Following on from End Game and moving into Far From Home it looked obvious to me that Spider-Man was being lined up to be the new Iron Man, at least in some capacity. It felt a bit risky given they didn’t have the exclusive rights. Seeing Peter using all of that Stark tech in Far From Home was a great nod to the original Iron Man and felt like things were lining up nicely.

If these reports are accurate this isn’t going to happen now and I’m guessing that Falcon will be leading the Avengers, as what was most probably planned. This is the MCU so I can’t imagine they will be caught out by this but can’t be an easy thing for them to walk away from, especially with how well they casted Tom Holland into the role.

It’ll also be interesting to see where Venom comes into this and how the next Spider-Man movie pans out. After loving Into the Spider-verse as much as I do I have some hope Sony can get this right.

Let’s see what happens, part of me thinks that this isn’t over and Disney will come back and renegotiate.

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