Do you need noise cancelling headphones?

After having a good few days now to play with the Bose NC 700’s I’ve reached a point where I’m weighing up the inconveniences of a larger over the ear headphone compared to something like AirPods. I’ve come to the conclusion that a pair of noise cancelling headphones are only really needed for those of us that commute very frequently. I’m home based but do travel for work and in those times it would be good but I’ve found that I’m not using them daily now the initial enthusiasm for noise cancelling has worn off. Can I justify keeping a pair of £350 headphones for something I’m going to use maybe a couple of times a month. At home I work on my own so for the majority of the time I use what I have that sounds the best, that’s the HomePod.

For the other times I’m using my AirPods as I can lie more comfortably with them in my ears than a pair of over the ear headphones.

If you’re after a pair of noise cancelling headphones then I still think the Bose NC 700 are the best I tried in my testing but if you only travel a few times a month either don’t get a pair or get a pair of Bose QC35 or Sony and save yourself (depending on sales) around £100.

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