Is Galaxy’s Edge worth visiting?

As a lifelong Star Wars fan this is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot. This is especially important when I’d be travelling from the UK and be spending over £4000 to take a trip. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I can’t make up my mind, it’s a massive expense and from all the information I’ve read it might not be worth it, even for me.

Lack of legacy characters

You’ll see Chewbacca but there is nothing of the legacy characters to be seen. Growing up in the 80’s I’m a huge fan of the original trilogy and would have loved to see this being embraced a little more. I’d have loved to seen R2 or 3PO wandering around or some of the classic vehicles but alas it’s all based on the sequel trilogy. Don’t get me wrong I like the new films but in my experience kids are more into Marvel than Star Wars these days so a focus on the older fan base would have been nice.

Lack of activities for kids

One thing I’ve been keeping an eye on is what is there for a kids who are 10 or less. Aside from the Millennium Falcon ride and the droid workshops there doesn’t appear to be anything.

Money, money, money

Now I’m budgeting I’ve realised how much it’s going to cost. The park seems to be paid experiences or shops to buy merchandise with a ride to enjoy. I’m quite happy to get my own lightsaber built but at $200 with everything else there I’m rethinking. I’ve also read a few reports that the prices of merchandise in the shops are being put up, I’m talking $5-$25 per item in some cases.

Remember to book

It looks like even the cantina needs to be booked, maybe it’ll get better over time but you need to make sure you plan beforehand. Getting a lightsaber built can be booked 6 months in advance so make sure you know what you want to do and get it all booked in.

Waiting it out

I think I’ve come to the conclusion I’m going to wait this one out. For me I’d be paying all this money to see the Millennium Falcon, my favourite ship in any movie franchise. I grew up fantasising what it would look like in real life whilst playing with Kenner version. Taking a step back and seeing that there not much there aside from paid experiences and shops I’m going to have to calm the kid inside me down and be a budget conscious adult about it. There’s another ride opening later this year, maybe lightsaber and droid building will come down in price a little and there’ll be more activities for kids. I’m going assess again at the end of the year.

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