My 2019 iPad Setup

It’s been a while since I posted about the current state of my iPad’s. As you know the iPad is my main device and after doing some iOS restores yesterday I realised I have my perfect setup.

iPad Pro 10.5

It keeps on going, has TouchID and I have all the accessories I need in the Smart Keyboard cover and pencil. Yes the new Apple Pencil is much improved in my tests at the Apple Store but at the moment I can’t justify or to be honest afford to dump this setup for a new one. It’s not so much the price of a new iPad it’s the fact I’d need to buy all the accessories again. The performance of this two year old iPad is still amazing and even when testing iPadOS 13 it ran absolutely fine. It’s still a great deal if you’re after an iPad Pro in the used market.

iPad Mini 5

I treated myself to the mini this year and it’s a great device that gets the most use out of my iOS devices, including my iPhone. I don’t use the pencil much on it but I do read a lot of comic books and manage my to do list on it. If you’re after a small powerful tablet you can’t go wrong with this model. Also going back to my 10.5″ after using it is making me less tempted to get a new 12.9″ iPad Pro.


I’ve been testing the beta on and off but being only weeks away now from a new iPhone and official release I’m back off it. I lost all of my watch data again yesterday so I’ve decided that I don’t want to risk losing my photos in iCloud so for me I’m out. It’s a game changer on the 10.5″ with mouse support and more keyboard controls so I can’t wait to use it in anger again.


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