Skipping the 2019 iPhone?

We’re only a month or so away from the next iPhone and I wondered how many people are excited about it?

Maybe I’m getting older or maybe I’m suffering from fatigue but I’m definitely less excited this year based on the rumours. For the first time in a while I’m focussing on the software first and realising the XS does everything I need it to, especially when a flagship iPhone is over £1000.

From reading the rumours it looks like the biggest update this year will be the camera, my kryptonite – the one weakness I have when trying to not buy a new iPhone. It seems like the addition of a 3rd lens will bring us wide angle but in my experience it’s not something I’ve been interested in. What I’d like to see is a significantly better camera for low light. If it is wide angle lens I think I’ll be ok but if it’s low light I might struggle with my inner spender.

When looking at the other features rumoured and looking at what I’d add to the X or XS I honestly can’t see anything, well aside from an on screen finger print reader that I’d add.

So at this point I’m skipping 2019 given the benefits of iOS 13 coming to my existing model, the wide angle lens doesn’t get me excited and the cost of a flagship.

What’s are your plans? I’m guessing some of you are on the upgrade program.

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