Growing your blog (by staying off Twitter)

I’ve been slowly but surely growing my content and readership over the last few years but noticed a trend in myself that has had a negative effect on it – social media, more specifically my use of it.

Here’s just a sample of my blog stats over the last few weeks since I put social apps back on my phone. I wanted to highlight the following.

  • Red: marks where I disengaged with social media for the day and posted my thoughts on my own site that I own rather than giving it to Twitter
  • Blue: marks where I was engaging on social

It’s not rocket science I know but from my own habits I need to use (delete) social and share my thoughts on my own platform.

If you want to start growing your blog and be more focussed on it’s content try deleting Twitter off your devices and share your thoughts on your blog instead. I use the WordPress app and can quickly share my thoughts like I would have on Twitter.

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