Will there be an Apple Watch Series 5?

Using my Apple Watch today I was struck by how fast the series 4 still feels, even on beta software. This got me thinking about the lack of rumours on a series 5. Could Apple skip an update this year?

I see plenty of people still using series 0’s and although they aren’t running the latest watchOS it’s still ok for use as a fitness tracker.

I’m completely satisfied with my series 4 and I honestly can’t think of much they could be added to compel me to upgrade. The only bit that I see missing when compared to other devices is sleep tracking, which could be done with a software update.

Form factor wise we’re due a change but I don’t think Apple see the watch in the same light as the iPhone. The design of the Apple Watch I think is great blending modern with classic and it still doesn’t stand out as being a fitness or smart watch to my eyes.

I feel the next move is to create something simpler like the Nike Fuel Band that I loved so much back a good few years ago. It’s the only area I see missing that Fitbit are eating Apple’s lunch on.

This is a bit of a ramble but what are your thoughts? What would you like adding?


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