Making my Apple Watch feel like a Casio (and picking up a cool new band)

My favourite watch of all time is…

Yes, the good old Casio F-91W. The best selling watch of all time (probably πŸ˜€) and when I stopped wearing my Apple Watch a few weeks ago going back to it reminded me how much I loved it. It’s light and the strap (although very cheap looking) doesn’t cling to you like some of the Apple Watch ones do. I find the sports band a little sticky when exercising and doesn’t breathe that well. I forgot I was wearing the Casio most of the time. I also went back to wearing it underneath my wrist as I always used to.

So I tried to get a cheaper band for my Apple Watch that got close to this.

I settled on this one, yes it’s orange (one of my favourite colours) and the texture looks different but it’s the feel on the wrist I was after. This is more rubbery than the Casio but gives me that same forgetting I’m wearing it vibe.

I think some of that comes from the fact it’s a buckle mechanism like the Casio.

I wish it was a little less rubbery but not been able to find one that is plastic instead of some sort of silicone.

I think it looks great, what do you think?

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