Replacing my iPhone changed my view on Smart HDR

Something weird happened when I got a replacement iPhone last week, smart HDR got better. I have no idea how this happened unless the last one had a fault in the camera module (in store diagnostics didn’t show any) but the first day I had the chance to take some pics at sunset I was the most impressed I’ve been with the XS.

These are straight off the camera with no edits.

This is the one that changed my mind, check out the reflection in the pond – to me it’s balanced everything perfectly.

Another area I noticed was in skin tone where it felt a bit flat before and somehow the skin colour looked almost doll like, all one tone. In the testing I’ve done this weekend out in restaurants and out and about outside with my family I’ve picked up on the fact that skin tones suddenly look normal again.

I’m not running a beta just the latest released iOS 12.

Anyone else experienced this?

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