How to spot a fake Apple link bracelet band

I recently got conned by the UK store CEX. It turns out they are quite happy selling on fake goods that they have purchased at an extortionate price. I wanted a stainless steel bracelet but couldn’t bring myself to spend £340 for one brand new. I picked a used original up for £85 via CEX but it turned out to be a £10 amazon knock off.

Here’s the knock off, check how poorly finished and nothing like the original clasp is.

Here’s the original (above), completely different.

Also check out the holes on the edge of the strap, the original has none of this as you can see in the image I’ve marked up to show the clasp.

So that’s the main difference, also there are no markings so show made by Apple etc.

Avoid CEX at all costs when looking at picking up a cheap watch band.

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