Doing my best not to nitpick (and be more positive)

After listening to another tech podcast this morning (something I’m trying to do less of these days) it struck me that my tendency to nitpick and find faults isn’t being helped by their consumption. We live in an age with some amazing technology around us but some people (including me sometimes) are never happy with anything and always see faults in things. Seeing the glass half full is a problem I’ve wrestled with for as long as I can remember but I’m doing my best to turn that around.

I don’t know what that looks like just yet, but I do know that my first few steps are going to be something like (I’m writing this as I think of them…)

  • Spend a lot less time on Twitter (again!)
  • Significantly reduce my time listening to podcasts, especially the more nitpick ones 🙂
  • Pick up journaling again, especially around noting a few positives that have happened that day

Going forward you’re probably going to see a few more posts like this and less on iOS 13 testing (I’m now totally back to iOS 12), I hope this is ok with everyone.

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