Struggling with FaceID

It’s not a new topic for me but after switching back to my XS from the iPhone 7 I instantly got frustrated with FaceID. I was out and about and with the UK getting some sun (a rare occurrence these days) I was outside. FaceID failed 100% of the time (on iOS 12) and I instantly remembered why I liked using the iPhone 7 so much. I returned the iPhone 7 as I couldn’t justify keeping with the new iPhone launch so close but depending on what gets released this year I may be going back.

I long for the time when we get TouchID back as an under screen fingerprint reader but I have to admit I struggle to see this coming. Unless it’s free with the screen that Apple manufactures in a later iPhone but I feel that FaceID is here to stay.

That’s saddens me as someone that isn’t convinced by the technology. I don’t want to compare to Samsung but there’s something nice about having a device with multiple ways to authenticate.

What do you think? Do you love FaceID? Would you like multiple options?

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