Sony RX100 VI initial impressions

I’ve been playing with the Sony RX100 mark VI for a few days now and I have to say I’m conflicted. On the one hand it’s very portable and after spending some time getting to grips with the over complicated menu system I’m not sure if I’m keeping it.

I’m trying to balance strengths vs weaknesses and for my use I’m not seeing many benefits right now for the outlay of almost £1000.

Whilst auto focus is lightning quick and the zoom fast I just can’t get it to be as versatile as my Canon or even as good as my iPhone XS (or 7) at getting close for macro.

You can’t zoom in to get macro you need to be close but even when I do I’m struggling to get the clear shots I want.

Here’s a shot I really like and perfect for the blog but it took a lot of get and about as close as I can get.

These sort of shots aren’t clear to my eyes and I’m unsatisfied with them compared to something I’d do with my Canon 70D.

Replacing a smart phone and carrying a light and portable point and shoot then the Sony does well but if you’re looking for versatility then I’m struggling to justify keeping it.

Video is great, especially slow motion but I rarely shoot any.

As a travel camera then the Sony is great but as a day to day replacement for my Canon it’s just not going to fit the bill I don’t think.

So, I think that this camera is for someone who I looking for an amazing travel and holiday camera that has the budget to invest in a camera for just this purpose. For me I think I’m getting my money back and either looking for something cheaper or waiting until they come down in price in a sale. I’d be happy spending £600 on one but not £1000.

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