Rediscovering TouchID

If you’re following along you’ll know I’m trying a little experiment of going back to my trusty iPhone 7. You’ll know I’ve not been the biggest fan of FaceID from its unreliability in bright conditions to the underlying IR technology on my eye balls multiple times a day, I’m just not a fan yet.

Well, coming back to TouchID has been like seeing an old friend again. You might think I’m an old man at this point but in my experience so far unlocking my iPhone is so much more efficient, two scenarios in particular.

The first is taking my iPhone out of my pocket to unlock. With FaceID I would take it out then look and swipe up. With TouchID I unlock as I get it out of my pocket, it’s ready as soon as I am. The second scenario is if it’s on a desk, I no longer have to look over or tilt the phone up to unlock.

I’m not expecting Apple to bring back TouchID but it’s nice (for me) to go back to something that I was so familiar with. One thing that is better with FaceID is if you need to enter a password on a web form or log into an app. No readjusting your hand to use TouchID it simply scans your face, this is a nice feature.

So for me using the iPhone 7 is better than the iPhone XS in this category, unlocking for me is better with TouchID.