Using an iPhone 7 in 2019

I’m doing a little experiment with my devices at the moment. I’ve swapped my iPhone XS for a 7 and a Sony RX100 compact camera. I wanted to see if I preferred a smaller phone to carry and if having a pocketable camera alongside would help me to be more intentional about using my device. I was also experiencing some eye fatigue that I wanted to check was due to FaceID and/or the OLED.

First up the size and weight of the 7 is comfortable and I’m enjoying having a device that’s easy to pocket and forget.

TouchID has always been reliable for me and it unlocks quicker than FaceID. I’m also not blasting eyes with infrared.

The camera isn’t up to the XS but gets closer than you’d think. In low light it’s not great but outside I’d have trouble telling the difference. But on day trips the Sony will be coming along.

Surprisingly the performance holds up. Now its setup and indexed I don’t see a huge difference in performance between my XS and 7. Maybe in editing images in Photos but day to day stuff I’m not bothered.

App switching with the home button or hard pressing the edge of the screen feels old but I’m back used to it.

The major downsides so far are screen size and battery. I’m struggling to type on the smaller 4.7″ screen and reading articles is much less enjoyable. But I can now reach everything with one hand.

On the battery, even after a couple of days I’m noticing I can’t get through a day whereas I can go two on my XS with my current reduced usage.

So will I stick to it? Yes, within my return window on the iPhone 7. I need to do a few day trips first but I’m confident I’ll know the best setup for my in a week or so.

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