Rethinking things

I did well before WWDC, I stayed off Twitter for a good few weeks and felt the better for it. With WWDC last week I got sucked back in but as before it’s not been great for my mental health. I enjoyed seeing people’s take on the events but since then I’ve

  • Gotten caught up in threads with people being awful to each other
  • Feel like I’m achieving nothing when I see what others are doing (this is my problem not theirs)
  • Find myself checking the feed rather than spending some quiet time or writing something here

So, I’m back off the service and not sure if I’ll be back to be honest. I’m also reviewing this blog, whether to keep it going or not. This is partly because again seeing how little I’m achieving compared to others for the outlay that it had on me, both financially and physically. I’m planning on a little break whilst I figure this out.

If you want to reach out please use the contact page on the site.

Cheers, Lee.

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