A look at Reminders in iOS 13

I lasted all of five minutes before putting iOS 13 on my iPhone. The main draw was to have the chance to influence its design in the beta period.

You can see straight away it’s a much nicer looking app.


Shows me anything I’ve added or scheduled for today. Reminders now let’s you add stuff due today without a time element. I’ve been wanting this for years and can’t believe we actually got it. You can still remind yourself about stuff at a specific time and that gets shown here too.


Scheduled is the old scheduled view so we see what’s going on beyond today. Note that items don’t need a due time to be shown here, it’s anything that you want to get down on specific days.


Everything in Reminders organised by list name. (There’s duplicates but hey it’s beta software).


You can flag items and see them in their own view.

Image support and URL

Yup, you can finally add images to Reminders. You can also add a URL to your Reminder.

Sub Tasks

Yes! You can now add sub tasks in Reminders. I’m still playing around but seems a good implementation.


Projects and sub projects

First impressions

I’m amazed at how much work has gone into Reminders. It’s very buggy in this Beta but the foundations are there and just needs some UI issues polishing. I might final be done looking for a third party To Do app.

I also took a look at watchOS 6 Reminders.

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