Rediscovering the importance of a hobby for mental wellbeing

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I have a full time job and blog/freelance write on the side. It wasn’t until recently I sat down and thought about ways to relax a bit more and spending all that time in front of a device wasn’t doing me any good at all. What I’d let go of is my love of music and playing guitar, I’d replaced it with checking social, writing about tech and listening to podcasts. I effectively didn’t have a hobby anymore, I work in tech and wrote about in my spare time (all the time).

This was a good change at the time, I did a lot of YouTube videos on music and felt burnt out by it but I feel like I need to get the guitar gear back out and get back into playing to help me spend less time on my devices and more time being creative.

Spending this time getting back into music, both playing and recording is helping me disconnect from tech a bit and along with it my iPhone. It’s helped take my mind off things when I’m playing and especially when I’m learning something new. It’s a form of relaxation that I had completely forgotten about!

I expect I’ll be using the Mac a lot more soon when I sit down and start to record some songs again but the only technology I’m using is my iPad and tablature apps to learn songs.

If you’re feeling like you’re running then sit down and write down what you like to do to relax – and then schedule it into your day.