Buying a used iPhone

I’ve been on a quest to get a used iPhone for iOS testing but it’s proven more difficult than I thought. I wanted to share my experience of trying to get one I’m happy with. Here in the UK there are a number of high street shops such as CEX that you can pick up used models in various conditions, in my experience they are on the expensive side unless you’re trading something in yourself. Online there are a lot more options but you have to trust the source you’re buying from. I’ve tried a couple of online shops such as Music Magpie but in my experience I’ve had to send them back for a refund due to it being an international device or quality not as described.

After doing a lot of trial and error the only way to be certain you’re getting a phone that’s been looked after and has official Apple parts is either to buy from a friend where you know the history or from the Apple refurbished store.

Don’t waste you’re time with third parties if you want to be sure the phone isn’t dodgy I some way. Now I may be a bit picky but personally I want to know that I’m getting an official Apple screen for my money and the parts are all original.

So, my quest continues.

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