How I’m blogging short form posts from Bear

I’m trying to stay off Social media a bit more limiting myself to about 20 minutes a day. The side effect of this is that I’m blogging more short form thoughts, which is good. This has meant that I’ve been using the WordPress app as a replacement for writing down quick thoughts.

With the most recent announcement from Bear and WordPress that they were more closely integrated I had to give it a go and it’s been working pretty great. After a little hiatus I’m back using Bear, with its tagging and theme options it’s working well with how my brain works. The only downside that I’ve found is that the post when put into the WordPress share sheet interface doesn’t remove tags so you’ll need to remember to do this yourself. It even works with images, like the screen shots I’m adding below.

I’ve found even just in the day using this method it’s going to be a lot smoother than using the WordPress app itself.

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