Google Pixel 3a build quality

One thing I’ve seen in some reviews of the Pixel is the cheaper materials being seen as a negative. For me it’s a positive.

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know how much I miss my 5c. I love the feel in the hand of a polycarbonate phone. Glass is fragile and slippery. After using the Pixel I have to say that I prefer picking up and using it than the iPhone XS. Apple are never going back to colored plastic phones but I can dream.

If you’ve ever used a 5c you’ll know what a pixel feels like.

It’s comfortable to hold and although I haven’t drop tested it’ll hold up fine. I dropped my 5c a lot and although I had fine scratches on the back and a few chips it kept going. The Pixel will be the same.

The buttons are chunky and have a nice click to them.

The only area to be concerned about is the screen. As with any phone it’s the main weakness. If you’re worried about this user a screen protector. Personally I don’t like them.

My only worry with the Pixel is how to get it serviced if I do break it somehow. With Apple I can just pop to the store but with Google you’re going to need to mail it in. This is fine if you don’t mind being out of a phone for an unknown period of time.

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