Initial impressions of the Pixel 3a

I’ve had the Pixel 3a for an evening and wanted to share some really quick good and bad things I’ve found about it. This is coming from someone that’s been on iOS since the original iPhone and only uses Android on my day job phone.

The good

  • Screen is great
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Fingerprint reader is quick and a nice change to faceid
  • Widgets on homescreen
  • Squeeze to use Google assistant
  • Swipe down on fingerprint reader to see notifications
  • Selfie camera gesture, flick of the wrist and it swaps between front and back cameras
  • Swipe keyboard is better integrated into the OS

The bad

  • App quality, especially productivity
  • Apple music doesn’t load my library
  • Play store is laggy
  • App switching not as fluid in the interface

From a device perspective I’m happy, from a software perspective I’m still getting my head around it. All my negatives so far are from my lack of experience with Android.

Next up is camera testing.