Why I returned the iPad Mini 5

As you know if you’ve been following me lately I’ve enjoyed using my 5th generation iPad Mini so it might surprise you to find out I’ve returned it for a refund.

Here’s why.

Using it as Notebook had been great as I wrote up a few days ago but with an increasing focus on security I’m now limited on where I can store my notes. With this use effectively taken away from me for work use I’ve lost the major selling point.

With me realising it was the form factor I enjoyed but couldn’t effectively use it for work note storage I thought the best option was to return my 5th generation and get my almost £600 back.

What I think I’ll end up doing is getting a refurbished 4th generation and save myself over £300. The performance is going to be fine for my use case where I’ve enjoyed using it like comic books and as a kindle alternative.

For now I’m back on my 10.5” iPad Pro, just had a new one through on Apple Care + so I’ll be using it again as my device.