Using the iPad Mini 5 as a notebook

I’ve finally gotten to use my new 5th generation iPad Mini in work meetings and to manage my day. I’ve used it exclusively this week instead of my paper notebook. I want to drop paper completely given I travel with work and also there’s only so much space in my home office to put the old ones.

My setup is Noteability for the note taking app and then the Apple Pencil.

I had my doubts going in but I have been pleasantly surprised by how good the experience is. Writing in portrait had me worried but on using it I shouldn’t have been. It is more cramped obviously than a bigger iPad but it’s comfortable and been very good in use.

I’m using folders within noteability to organise my notes by project etc and now I’ve been using it this week I think that I won’t be going back to paper. In work meetings I always felt a little conscious pulling out the bigger iPad and with this notebook sized iPad Mini it’s almost perfect.

Another positive for me is travelling with a laptop is sometimes tiring and having a smaller iPad to put in my bag that I can use for reading on the commute and also use in work for notes is ideal for my use case.

So would I recommend, yes. If you’re looking to move to digital notes then having the iPad Mini with a pencil is the perfect companion to use in your work day.


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