Using the Nintendo Switch to watch YouTube

As I’ve already shared my iPad is going on a repair trip so I went over to my Switch as my consumption device. What I’ve found is that it makes a pretty good little TV.

First off I can only use YouTube and you can get it from the Nintendo store on the Switch itself.

The screen is good enough to enjoy your subscription but where it fell down was audio. The speakers are really quiet and I’m often on full blast to hear it. The speakers are on the back, not an ideal placement.

First thing I’d like to see on Switch V2 is front facing bigger speakers.

Navigation is fine using a mixture of the buttons and taps. If you tap the video it brings up the controls available, such as B to go back to the video list. I found in scrolling with my finger I was accidentally tapping and loading videos. You need to use the left stick to navigate the app really then A to load your video.

So overall you can use the Switch to watch YouTube pretty easily and it’ll do me fine until the iPad comes back.