My 2019 iPad setup

I’ve been talking a lot about new iPads over the last few months and thought it was about time to share my setup as of April 2019.

Which iPad?

I’ve dabbled with getting a Mini and new Pro but ended up back where I’ve been happy with my setup – the 10.5″ iPad Pro from last year. Mines a 256GB in space grey and although I’m on my third with warranty issues I’m still completely satisfied. I’m really starting to be more conscious of my impact on the environment and buying tech I don’t need isn’t a good thing. Also keeping what I have is the best I can do, more on this at a later point.


My iPad tends to have the Smart Keyboard permanently attached and my original Apple Pencil is still going, which is also attached via the pen clip I’ve added.

In daily use

It’s still my main ‘computer’ and I’m either writing posts like this, consuming video or doodling notes or sketching.

Moving forward

I’m keeping my 10.5″ going forward, based on my experience with faceID on the XS I think I’ll get frustrated with a new Pro. With the Mini I’m very tempted but can’t justify getting another iPad just for 30% of the time so I’ll park that one too for now.