Keeping social on a blog?

I started using a little while ago now and although I don’t use it as a Twitter alternative, I do use it to post small updates to my blog. When I experimented with it a while ago I found that being off Twitter so much more helped me be more creative and gain more followers to my blog as my content went there instead.

My main issue with this was the lack of interaction as readers don’t tend to like to comment on blogs as there are more barriers to entry.

So I’m going to make the following changes for a month or so so see what happens and if I get some more headspace back.

  • Delete the Twitter apps from my iPhone
  • Check Twitter once or twice a week (instead of multiple times a day) for interactions on my content
  • Post updates to my blog from Micro,blog, not long form but smaller updates on how things are going

See you on the blog.