Using Fantastical as a task manager

I’ve used Fantastical on and off for years but with it’s ability to display calendars and reminders all in one view I thought I’d give it a go. The beauty of using this is that you stay in the iCloud bubble and not having to manage data elsewhere.

Things I like about it

  • The widget displays a full calendar if you expand it out. It’s great to be able to quickly see the entire month and each days events if you click on a particular day
  • Natural language, just like Todoist you can type things like “put bins out every Thursday at 2pm”
  • Dark mode (because…)

Things I don’t like

  • No ability to create a Reminders list
  • No ability to reorder Reminders lists
  • Apple Watch app doesn’t show Reminders due today

Did it stick?

For me, no. As a calendar app it’s second to none, it’s pretty great. But, if like me you are trying to use Reminders too then it’s going to be a frustrating experience if you value the same items in my ‘things I don’t like’ list above.