Which iPad Mini should you buy?

As you know I’m excited for the launch of the new iPad Mini but now it’s time to decide which one to get.


This is 64GB or 256GB, which is a large jump and if your budget allows go 256GB. Between storing movies and games it’ll fill up quickly. For me I want to use it as a field notes book and also photography. I’m going 256GB so that I don’t have to worry about running out of space.

WiFi or Cellular?

I’d love to go cellular this time but can’t justify the cost increase so I’ll just tether to my iPhone. If you tether then I’d save over £100 and get the WiFi model.


The other one we have in the house is space grey so I’ll go white this time. I find a white front better if you do a lot of doodling and note taking. The black borders on the space grey make me feel boxed in. If you find the white borders distracting then go space grey otherwise get gold or silver.